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Amour Provence
Much has changed in the newly prosperous region of Northern Provence, yet the past is never far behind. Didier and Gilberte, childhood friends, both seeking to return from their own self-imposed exiles, remain rooted in the vineyards that have been in their families for centuries. Their old schoolmate Jeannot, an artist living on the margins, struggles to impart his vision of a worthy life to his angry and rebellious son. His elderly neighbor Mme. de Laubry, still unable to speak about the traumatic wartime experience she shared with a friend, is now a penniless aristocrat who gathers wildflowers and food in the mountains. When Didier and Gilberte, and the others, finally come together again after many years, what they discover is like the vendange tardive--the late harvest when grapes are at their sweetest.

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Amour Provence is an intimate yet dramatic look at contemporary life in two small wine towns in Southern France.

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